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Dallas Cowboys: Why Slot Receiver is so Important in Today's NFL

NFL 2017: Ranking the 30 best wide receivers From Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers to Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, here are the top 30 wide receivers for NFL 2017.The 2017 NFL season may still be a few months away, but there are still plenty of ways to help pass the time until training camp rolls around, such as a ranking of the... Best NFL Wide Receivers of All Time - Top Ten List - TheTopTens Based on over 12,000 votes, Jerry Rice is ranked number 1 out of 151 choices. Agree? Disagree? Place your vote on the top 10 list of Best NFL Wide Receivers of All Time.

Ranking the Top 10 Slot Receivers in the NFL | 12up

25 Greatest Wide Receivers in NFL History - If you looked at stats alone, every one of the greatest wide receivers would have played in the NFL after 1985, but pro football has had exceptional wideouts since the '30s. Here is a ranking of ...

Meet the NFL's Next Premium Position: The Slot Cornerback - The ...

Wayne Chrebet & Friends: The Greatest Slot WRs In NFL History New York Jets legend Wayne Chrebet is one of the many great slot receivers to venture through the middle of nasty NFL defenses. It’s 3rd-and-7. You represent the slot wideout on the right side ... Ranking top 10 wide receivers in the 2019 NFL Draft ... Ranking top 10 wide receivers in the 2019 NFL Draft. New, 34 comments. ... He is a multi-faceted offensive weapon who could make plays on the outside, in the slot and from the backfield. Fastest wide receiver 40-yard dash times at 2019 NFL Combine

He also played alongside 2 other NFL wide receivers, and was clearly the best receiver on his team. Given his tape, and these numbers, you begin to understand why he is so highly regarded by ...

Get excited, folks. After a couple of down years, wide receivers are back, and the SEC is leading their triumphant return to the top of draft boards. ... Tom Brady calls for Patriots receivers with conch shell (Video)