Day trading is not gambling

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If day trading was just gambling, traders would not have to put in this much time, effort, research or practice to make a career out of it. Traders would not have 10 to 20 year careers. Career day traders treat trading as a professional career. They are disciplined, regimented and professional. Day Trading Is Not Like Gambling, Except For This |... Of course, everybody, all the day traders out there, the visitors and followers of Emini-Watch came out categorically in favor, saying “Day trading is nothing like gambling”. Well, this week I got a response from one of the questionnaires that is up on the website asking you about what you trade, how you trade, are you profitable and so on. Diary of a Day Trader: Is Day Trading Gambling? | Financial Sense

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Unlock daily trade ideas straight off of Dan's watchlist as well as a one hour crash course into our PS60 process absolutely FREE: ... Day Trading IS NOT gambling - YouTube In this video I bring you a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT explaining why day trading is not gambling. I often hear that you might as well go put all of your ...

I said, yes, trading and gambling are very similar, but there is one big difference I told him.However, this is not one of our highest probability trading opportunities because we are shorting in the context of an uptrend. This gap will typically fill within the day or soon after, but the higher probability...

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Day Trading for a Living – Benefits, Risks ... Necessary Tools to Successfully Day Trade. Day trading is not a ... the link between day trading and gambling is so ... How to Avoid Day Trading Mistakes (with Pictures) - wikiHow